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We are proud to serve the community assisting those in need of Sight and Hearing assistance.

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Arizona Lions Vision & Hearing Foundation

Our primary goal is to restore vision and/or hearing to improve the quality-of-life and productivity of those with no other resources. The Arizona Lions Vision & Hearing Foundation is raising funds as well as awareness of the needs of both hearing loss and eye disease.

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Our Services

Vision Screenings

Our vision screening services are designed to assess the quality of your vision and identify any potential issues that may be affecting your eyesight.

Eye Surgeries

Our eye surgery services are designed to help patients with a range of eye conditions, from cataracts to glaucoma to corneal disease.

Eyeglass Prescriptions

Our eyeglass prescription services are designed to help you achieve clear and comfortable vision.

Frame Repair

Our frame repair services are designed to help you extend the life of your favorite eyeglasses or sunglasses.


Eleven-month-old Baby Bellamy-Ramon was first seen at ABC Children’s Eye Specialists. He was prescribed eyeglasses and came to the AZ Lions Vision and Hearing Foundation for his first pair of glasses. A beautiful little boy who can now see his mom and dad’s smile.


I Rosa G, mother of Jesus H, am sending you this note to thank you for the financial assistance provided to my son with the purchasing of a new eye prosthetic. We are very grateful to you and I am very happy with your foundation, that thanks to this and to you, I was able to receive this great help towards my son.

Now my son is very happy, and so are we. My son’s happiness is our happiness. For this and much more we will forever be grateful to your Lions Club Foundation and I hope that the type of assistance given to my son could be provided to more people who really need it. Thank you is an understatement to express my gratitude for what you did for us, may you and the Lions Club Foundation continue to be blessed.

Jesus Hernandez

Evan, diagnosed with keratoconus at 13, struggled to find a doctor that would treat him with his Medicaid plan. His family eventually found a doctor in California who treated him in exchange for participation in a research study. However, a new experimental procedure to prevent Evan's eyesight from deteriorating was not approved by the FDA for minors, and the $8,000 cost was not covered by insurance. The family's story was featured on Channel 12's "Be a Hero" program, and Dr. Jay Schwartz of Scottsdale performed the surgery successfully, with the Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation helping to cover the cost.

Though Evan will require more surgery when he turns 18, he is currently doing well, pursuing his interests in Japanese and computer science, playing golf, and enjoying his job.